Sia Furler

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G-day everyone!!  Today’s topic is about one person that changed her/his life dramatically. We are going to mention about her some decision in her turning points.



Do u know the woman behind the blonde bob with Chandelier song? Sia Fuler (18 December 1975 ~ ) is an Australian singer, song writer and music video director. She continues to gift us with incredible music. Although she is known for her amazing voice and look, but her life was not always incredible. What’s the story of the woman behind the hair? Let’s take a look!


Her childhood was not easy. According to her interview with ‘The Howard Stern Show’, she struggled with her father. She said “Growing up he had two very unique personalities. One was called ‘Phil’ and one was called ‘Stan’. Phil was like the best dad ever… He was fun but he was eloquent and he was present and interesting and interested. When Stan came around stuff got scary.”


In 1997, Sia decided to move to London to follow her relationship with boy friend Dan Pontifex. Several weeks later, while on a stopover in Thailand, she received the news that Pontifex had died after being in a car accident in London. After that accident, Sia has suffered from depression, addictions to painkillers and alcohol and had contemplated suicide.


Then, when did she decide to make a change? Sia’s life continued to go in a downward spiral with drugs. One of Sia’s friends intervened and then when she was 34 years old, she decided to enter a 12 step program for her addiction. And she gained a new manager who could encourage n support her. Although a difficult time, she tried to end up her painful life and this time was a big moment for her music career.

She was one of the lucky person. Because his mum and his father was involved in art. In her career , it help her in a accelerating way. Of course , everybody’s life is not easy. She had also some problems with her life ; mostly about family. I guess all people need one trigger in their life. Sia stick to music in order to cope up with all the problems.  She not only got a such a good life but also achieved her dream which is being solo singer at the end of the day.

I hope you guys , Sia’s experience inspire you to not give up for your dreams.

Have a Good one !

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