What is the Buzzer ? How does buzzer work ? How many type of buzzers do we have ?

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In this article you are going to get information about What a buzzer is, How a buzzer works, the Logic of the buzzer and Why the buzzer uses, and How many types of buzzer exist.

What is the buzzer?

The buzzer is the device that creates sounds signals depends on different voltages. it has a variety of areas to use buzzer because of less cost, easy manufacturing, and less weight. – alarms preventing robbery, most of the warning system on cars, some bell sounds, it is basically used in order to get alerted, to prevent yourself, to aware of something. There is 2 type of buzzers which are with circuit and without circuit. We used the one which has a circuit. Buzzers are designed to spread a sound for extensive places. You can use them for your other special purposes as well.

How does Buzzer work?

Buzzer gets some different inputs ( signals ) and it spread a sound in response to signals. To create a sound you can use electromechanics, electronics, or mechanical systems.

Working Logic: 

Buzzer converts the dc voltages which come from input to oscillation signal using resistör and transformer. When high voltage is applied to the piezo ceramic disc, it causes radial mechanical expansion and contraction. This causes reverse bending of the metal plate inside. As a result of the continuous opposite movement and bending of the metal plate, sound waves are transmitted in the buzzer air.
ak genişleme ve daralmaya sebep olur. Bu da içerideki metal plakanın ters yönde bükülmesine sebep olur. Metal plakanın sürekli olarak zıt yönde bükülmesi ve büzülmesi sonucu buzzer havada ses dalgaları üretir.


piezo buzzer
piezo buzzer

Buzzer receives energy in one way and converts it into acoustic energy. Some buzzers have their own circuits and they take power directly from the device’s power source. On the other hand, some buzzers may be battery-powered to continue to operate in case of a mains failure. Some buzzers have power with dangerous voltage. It is located on its sources and operates by being fed from the uni-voltage line instead of the network.



Why Use Buzzer?

  • Informing when the time comes; alarm clock etc.
  • To get error sounds in computer systems; For example, it says that there is no computer overheated:))
  • Final satisfaction in electronic devices – sometimes done with LEDs. It is related to the desire to get an answer to the button.
  • Warning us; When the seat belt is not worn, As burglar alarm, etc.

How Many Types of Buzzer is Exist?

1- Magnetic Buzzer

The magnetic buzzer emits the sound with the help of the coil. The electric flux activates the coil and noise is generated.

2- Electromechanical Buzzer

The internal design of the electromechanical buzzer combines many parts. In the direction that distinguishes this type from others, the contact point becomes active while the current goes towards the device. Old style house bells are electromechanical, but they are not used much today.

3- Mechanical Buzzer

In mechanical buzzers, tightly wound springs are used instead of receiving electricity. In this way, mechanical energy is converted into sound.

4- Piezo Buzzer

It is very popular because of its low cost and high. It is a kind of buzzer that can react differently according to the electric current. In this way, different tones can be heard from the same buzzer. The buzzer we use in the parking sensor project is a piezo buzzer.




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